Lake Constance – an unforgettable experience

Hotel HOERI will make your holiday on Lake Constance an unforgettable experience. Located directly on the lakefront, the hotel is your base, and the lake effect alone ensures pure relaxation. No other region in Germany is as attractive and diverse as the one around Lake Constance, which is surrounded by the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The cities of Constance, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz, Lindau, Schaffhausen or Stein am Rhein are real highlights for a wide variety of needs. No matter whether young, old, single, married or with a family – the wide range of offers leaves nothing to be desired. This is precisely what gives the Lake Constance region its unique character: a lively mix of cultural diversity and “wanting to be in the great outdoors”. The atmosphere at the lake is perfectly epitomised by a very special “lightness of being”, especially in summer.

There is plenty to experience and discover here: sights, cultural highlights, extraordinary places, unique nature, sports activities and special locations are just waiting to be discovered by you. We will be happy to give you tips for your personal expedition around Lake Constance – for your dream holiday.

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The Höri peninsula on Lake Constance

The name Höri has two etymological origins. On the one hand, it is derived from the affiliation (German ‘ZugeHÖRIgkeit’ to Reichenau Abbey. On the other hand, according to tradition, the Höri is a place of God. After God had finished his work – the creation of the world – he is said to have announced: “Jetzt hör i uff.” (Swabian for ‘Now I’m done’) Was God a Swabian? He certainly was. Just like he was a Bavarian, Hessian, Thuringian, Saxon, Westphalian, Swiss or Austrian, etc. We’ll leave it entirely up to you, whether or not you want to believe the story around the naming of the Höri peninsula. But the Höri peninsula is truly divine in its beauty! It is largely untouched and a real natural treasure. Sustainable tourism protects and preserves this gem. The Höri peninsula encloses an area of at least 45 km². On its northern shore lies the Untersee, and on the southern shore the fjord-like Lake Zell winds its way inland. The small towns of Gaienhofen, on whose shores Hotel HOERI is located, Hemmenhofen, Moos and Wangen are the larger settlements on the Höri peninsula. The well-known Lake Constance towns of Radolfzell and Überlingen are in the immediate vicinity and the adjacent district town is Singen.

Wanderlust on Lake Constance – around the Höri

A popular way to discover the Höri is a circular walk across the peninsula, which takes up to four hours and is organised by the local culture and guest office. The hike takes Lake Constance holidaymakers through the original meadow, forest and hilly landscapes of the Höri. One destination, for example, is the Schiener Berg. This is the local mountain on the Höri peninsula and, at 715 metres in height, is classified as a pre-Alpine upland and moorland region. A large network of trails provides access to the Schiener Berg, which lies in the middle of the nature reserve of the same name. The reserve is in turn home to the Schiener Berg fauna-flora habitat and parts of the Untersee bird sanctuary and is a refuge for many species of birds. And, of course, we shouldn’t forget Lake Constance itself. In our hotel you will find the perfect place to recharge your batteries after the hike. And if you’re looking for no-frills accommodation to spend the night, our budget rooms might be just the thing for you.

All themed hikes at a glance

The website (only in German) provides an overview of other themed hikes, each of which opens up different perspectives on the Höri. There you can find out everything you need to know about current hiking offers, such as geocaching, crime tours, cult tours and other hiking worlds.

Höri – art and history

The Höri peninsula is always associated with two famous individuals: Hermann Hesse and Otto Dix. Two creative minds who lived on the Höri. The peninsula was one of their favourite places: it was here that they drew new strength and inspiration for their artistic work from the heavenly location on Lake Constance.

The Otto Dix House in Hemmenhofen invites you to visit and displays a piece of contemporary history in the museum of the same name. Otto Dix lived here for over 30 years. Hermann Hesse also chose to settle on the Höri peninsula. His story is documented in the Hermann Hesse Museum in Gaienhofen. The artistic density of the Höri is remarkable in that many other painters and literary figures declared the Höri peninsula their creative refuge. Helmut Macke, Erich Heckel, Max Ackermann, Curth Georg Becker, Rudolf Stuckert, Walter Herzger, Rose-Marie Schnorrenberg, Ludwig Finckh and Ernst Bacmeister are just a few of those who stayed on the Höri. This is one of the reasons why the Höri has often been called the “artist’s corner”. The terms “Höri painters” or “Höri artists” often used in this context emphasise this. In this respect, the Höri peninsula is also a magical place with endless creative resources.

Lake Constance – nature and climate

The temperate and mild climate on Lake Constance favours the region’s species-rich nature. A diverse plant and animal world has thus been able to develop and even Mediterranean species feel very much at home on Lake Constance. A wide variety of grasses and reeds line the shores of Lake Constance: These include willows, poplars, alders, birches and buckthorn. Valuable natural and cultural landscapes thus characterise the Lake Constance region, making it a legacy that must be preserved.

This is one of the reasons why there are far more than 30 nature reserves and conservation areas around Lake Constance. The concept of preserving nature at Lake Constance is at the heart of this: the reserves protect the native fauna and flora, as this is what gives the entire area its unique flair.

A nature tour – e.g. by boat – provides a detailed, entertaining and exciting insight into the flora of Lake Constance.

Der Bodensee mit schöner Alpensicht

The eternal dream of an earthly paradise. We all dream it. The island, redesigned in 2007 by artist Stefan Szczesny, continues to captivate people today. Mainau is famous the world over as an island of flowers. For the first time, Stefan Szczesny also attached importance to the artistic aspect. Szczesny knows how to draw the viewer’s attention to what is otherwise inconspicuous and hidden. A new world opens up to the visitor. It is formed from new visual axes and angles, from views and perspectives in the park and gardens. Nature offers art a generous and varied framework, in which, it can evolve in a completely new way. The changing of the seasons, however, sets both in scene quite differently through changes in colour and light. In this way, new accents are constantly being created. Mainau Island is even more attractive, especially for families: the new “Water World” has been created in Mainau Kinderland. Here, children can explore new paths around the “little Lake Constance” on pile dwellings, rafts, ferries and many climbing opportunities. The natural experience with sand, water and wood is great fun and always a new experience for all children.

Fish is one of the dominant themes on Lake Constance. Due to the large stocks, the whitefish is the star of Lake Constance. There are at least 30 other species of fish in the lake. Among them are predatory fish such as the pike and the pike-perch. Lake trout and grayling, however, are mainly found on Untersee. This is because the Rhine leaves Untersee in Stein am Rhein. At the Untersee, the current is still strong before Europe’s seventh-largest river makes its way through Lake Constance into its riverbed as the “Seerhein” (Lake Rhine) and becomes the “Hochrhein” (High Rhine) here.

Water and a mild climate are also crucial for the diverse bird life. Owing to the favourable climatic conditions, Lake Constance is therefore also the destination for many bird species in autumn. This is because, Höri is the perfect place to spend the winter months.

Well over 400 bird species have already been counted on the lake. This also makes Lake Constance an interesting destination for ornithologists. For example, among others, grey herons, cormorants, various species of ducks and other water birds feel at home here.

Near the medieval town of Aach you will find the largest spring in Germany. The Aachtopf karst spring is around 16,000 years old.

Part of the young Danube, which seeps away between Immendingen and Möhringen, flows southwards through a cave system that branches out in all directions and re-emerges after 12 km in the Aachtopf as the Aach. In doing so, it overcomes a height difference of 174 m.

Discover the Hegau region – often described as a mystical wonderland – with its unmistakable volcanic mountains, Europe’s largest concentration of castles, fascinating old towns and quaint villages. Within a radius of 20 km you will find 380 ruins, castles and fortresses – naturally also on the harmless Hegau volcanoes such as Hohentwiel, Hohenhewen, Hohenstoffeln, Mägdeberg and Neuenhewen. The Hegaublick affords you a very special view of the whole of Hegau region and Lake Constance.

Lake Constance – water sports

Active on Lake Constance – the Untersee on the Höri peninsula offers you all this. Here, you’ll find a huge variety of water- and lake-related activities: Fishing, bathing, swimming, sailing, surfing as well as motor boating, canoeing, jet skiing or water skiing – here on Lake Constance, any leisure activity for young and old is possible. Here, experienced service providers have a variety of offers for both beginners and professionals and offer you not only sports equipment rental (e.g. boat and canoe rental in Gaienhofen) but also courses led by trained specialists. In addition, there are also countless events and sights if you would like your active holiday to be a little more relaxing.

Tip: Book directly via Hotel HOERI

Book activities directly via our reception! We will organise your daily programme, book excursions and reserve your places.

Did you know? The HOERI has two boat moorings at the Gaienhofen/Hemmenhofen landing stage directly in front of the hotel!

Vielseitige Aktivitäten am Bodensee

Lake Constance is the only lake in Germany that requires its own boating licence. This is neither the case with Lake Chiemsee nor other German lakes. Lake Constance, the Swabian sea, is simply something very special. By the way, you can acquire the licence in a two-week course. There is a sailing school directly on the beach in front of Hotel HOERI. For all those who already have a Lake Constance sailing licence: there is a boat rental in Gaienhofen. You can also rent canoes and book canoe tours there. Ask us about places!

The wind determines where the journey goes. Float silently over mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes and leave everyday life far below you. It is the adventure flight into the much-praised boundless freedom. A flight lasts approx. 2 hours and costs 250 euros per person. 

A unique experience: gliding gently and calmly through the clouds with the Zeppelin NT. Let your gaze wander from far above, along the majestic Alps, over the towns that have evolved on Lake Constance to the colourful flower island of Mainau. Further information is available at:

Enjoy a completely airy atmosphere. Konair gives you a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful parts of Germany. The meeting point is the Constance flying school. The offer: A flight from Constance to the Säntis and back, duration approx. 60 minutes, 280 euros per person (Partner price) or a flight to the Rhine Falls and back, duration approx. 30 minutes, 105 euros per person (Partner price).

Cycling, racing bike or rather mountain biking? Let’s go. The Lake Constance region is a cyclist’s paradise. You can either cycle along the shoreline and enjoy Lake Constance and the green meadows at a leisurely pace. On the other hand, mountain biking offers a little more action. Steep ascents and rapid descents provide the necessary adrenaline kick. The bike resort Schiener Berg, for example, even has its own bike park where downhill fans can indulge in their passion. You will have plenty of time for this. The Lake Constance region has the most sunny days in Germany and offers ideal weather for outdoor fans! An extensive network of cycle paths stretches across the region. There is something for everyone. Ambitious racing cyclists and mountain bikers are just as well catered for at Lake Constance as leisurely cyclists who have a short excursion or even longer tours in mind. The Lake Constance cycle path around Europe’s largest drinking water reservoir, for example, is 257 kilometres long and is suitable for a tour lasting several days. The portal presents a variety of different routes.

Lake Constance – boundless discovery

Is it still possible to discover anything on Lake Constance? Are there still unexplored and undiscovered areas around Lake Constance? Of course there are. We at Hotel HOERI also experience this every day. How about the beautifully situated island town of Lindau, for example: the unique location of Lindau’s old town, centuries-old buildings, historic squares, romantic spots and narrow alleyways offer Mediterranean views and completely new vistas! In addition, there are the breathtaking Alps, whose largely snow-capped peaks just outside the gates of the town shine down on the emerald green lake surrounding the picturesque town.

Tip: The Bodensee Erlebniskarte (Lake Constance Adventure Card)

Lake Constance has quite a few adventures in store: there are four countries to discover. With the Bodensee Erlebniskarte, you can make your holiday a varied and unforgettable experience. Three options offer something for every taste: landlubbers prefer to skip the cruise, while real shellbacks go on board right away. Smart savers save 30% on Lake Constance classics, including: the Pfänderbahn, the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, SEA LIFE Constance, Mainau Island, the old Meersburg Castle and much more.

Further information is available here.

Pärchen entdeckt die Bodensee Umgebung

With its unique view of Lake Constance, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and 240 Alpine peaks, the Pfänder (1,064 m) is the region’s most famous vantage point. Whether you go hiking, explore the Alpine Game Park, visit the bird of prey display or simply enjoy the view on the restaurant terrace – your day on the Pfänder will be an unforgettable experience.

The Säntis Bahn takes you up to 2,502 metres above sea level. From the summit of the highest mountain on Lake Constance, you can marvel at the breathtaking Säntis panorama and Lake Constance, which shimmers from emerald green to deep blue. A special attraction is the free exhibition “Berge und Rettung” (“Mountains and Rescue”) or “Säntis – das Wetter” (“Säntis – the weather”). For nature lovers, the Schwägalp-Säntis Nature Research Park – with its idyllic raised bog – offers interesting information on rare mountain flora and fauna.

It’s rare to get up close to underwater mammals and fish. At SEA LIFE in Constance, you can enjoy this sight without breathing apparatus and diving goggles. On a round tour, you can follow the course of the Rhine, underwater, starting from the Alps across Lake Constance to where it flows into the sea. There you can observe up to 3000 freshwater and saltwater fish, up close, including seahorses and even sharks. Get to the bottom of Lake Constance and discover fantastic worlds.

Friedrichshafen is the centre of aviation on Lake Constance and a town shaped by industry. The second largest city on Lake Constance after Constance is of course famous for its Zeppelin aircraft works. Names like Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Wilhelm Maybach and Claude Dornier are directly linked to the history of Friedrichshafen. The very popular Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen also deals with this part of the town’s history.

A highlight on Lake Constance is, of course, the Bregenz Festival. Every year in August, the world comes to the famous lake stage. However, the numerous other events also offer cultural enjoyment at its best. Even James Bond appreciated this. In 2008, part of the filming took place on the Bregenz Lake Stage.

Who doesn’t know King Louie from the film The Jungle Book and his crazy but lovable monkey state. On the Affenberg (Monkey Mountain) near Salem you can get to know a real monkey state and maybe even a real monkey king. Around 200 Barbary macaques cavort there in a 20-hectare outdoor enclosure and await your visit. Barbary macaques are critically endangered and originally come from Morocco and Algeria, where they live in mountains up to 2,000 metres high. Don’t miss these monkey anticts and experience the animals up close: there are no fences or ditches. Feed the animals with specially prepared popcorn – the monkeys’ favourite food – and enjoy nature at close quarters.

Built in the 7th century, Meersburg Castle is the landmark of the small town of Meersburg and a favourite destination for time travellers to the age of knights and their damsels. The exact age of Meersburg Castle is disputed: some believe that it was built in the year 630. Today, the descendants and heirs of Karl Mayer von Mayerfels live in the old building and take care of its maintenance. In addition to an extentive tour of the premises, including the chambers of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, and an ascent of the Dagobert Tower, it is possible to have coffee and cake in the historic walls, just like the old nobility.

In Winterthur, Switzerland, there is a peculiar building where the strangest things happen: electron balls are charged there, chocolate workshops are held, ice flowers are grown, alpha particles are made to spark and custard is made to explode. We are talking about the Technorama, a science centre where technology invites you to experiment, touch, grasp and play. Let your perception of technology and science be shaken up!

A very special historical museum awaits you in Wolfegg, where you will learn interesting facts about typical farmhouses of the region. In Wolfegg you can admire 15 originally restored farmhouses. A journey through 300 years of Upper Swabian history awaits you. Explore barns, apiaries, granaries, bakehouses and farms. There are also numerous events and festivals. Every Sunday and on public holidays, for example, you can enjoy typical Swabian cuisine like hearty Schupfnudeln, Käsespätzle and Maultaschen. Learn about Lake Constance’s agricultural past at the Wolfegg Farm Museum.

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