Conferences at the HOERI Hotel

As a conference hotel, the HOERI Hotel is impressive not only because of its breathtaking location directly on Lake Constance, but also by its remarkable service. Numerous company events, anniversaries, conferences, workshops, seminars, or symposia have already taken place in front of the magnificent scenery of Lake Constance. The presentation and the premiere of new products have also been staged in an atmospheric way. You can enjoy your conference at the HOERI Hotel Completely undisturbed by city noise and everyday stress, and experience all-round comfort. We offer various meeting rooms, special packages, and on request we also organize a suitable supporting program. After the meeting, you can relax at our Spa!

Conference Rooms at HOERI

The HOERI hotel on Lake Constance offers plenty of space for ideas, concepts, and discussions. Do you prefer your conference room to be quaint and natural or do you prefer a room with a high-end ambiance? Our excellently-equipped conference rooms offer the right thing for everyone. The HOERI Hotel’s conference rooms offer a great deal of light, air, and of course are located in the immediate proximity of Lake Constance.

festive room to let

“Ball Room” Conference Room

The largest conference room in the Hoeri Hotel on Lake Constance is the “ballroom” which measures 160 m².

Capacity Based on Type of Seating: 

  • Parliament style: 100 persons
  • Rows of seats: 150 persons
  • U shape: 60 persons
  • Banquet: 90 persons

Room especially suitable for:

large companies, large meetings and conferences, can also be used for banquets or for galas, for example for company anniversaries, or the presentation of new products, as a location for roadshows, etc.

Special feature:

The “Festsaal” conference room even has a small stage.

Meeting room at Hotel HOERI

Conference Room „Schwarzwaldstube“

Capacity Based on Type of Seating:

  • Parliament style: 20 Personen
  • Rows of seats: 35 Personen
  • U shape: 15 Personen
  • Banquet: not offered

This conference room is particularly suitable for:

Smaller workshops and seminars, press conferences, or as an additional room for smaller working groups within larger conferences.

Meeting room at Hotel HOERI

Conference room „Giebelzimmer“

Capacity Based on Type of Seating:

  • Parlament: 20 persons
  • Rows of seats: 40 persons
  • U shape: 55 persons
  • Banquet: not offered

This conference room is particularly suitable for:

Small and medium-sized companies (KMU) who are planning employee events, sales conferences, workshops, etc.

Other conference rooms

Unterseestube (area: 42 m²)

  • Parliament style: 20
  • Rows of seats: 20
  • U shape: 15
  • Banquet: 30

Ball Room/Unterseestube 202 m²)

  • Parliament style: 120
  • Rows of seats: 170
  • U shape: 60
  • Banquet: 120

Club room (area: 58 m²)

  • Parliament style: 20
  • Rows of seats: 35
  • U shape: 15
  • Banquet: not offered

Conferences | flat rates for groups

Of course, the Hoeri Hotel offers a conference package rate individually tailored to your specific needs with the most important services for you –
including room, board, and equipment – for the people in your group. The conference package rates apply for groups of 10 or more.

We are known for our extraordinary service meaning that you will receive not only your personal conference package, but also further offers that are optimally tailored to your wishes and requirements. If conference guests arrive earlier or want to stay longer, they will receive a special discount.
Just ask!

Conference package for EUR 59.00

With dinner (3-course menu) for EUR 87.00

  • 2 coffee breaks with snacks, fruit, and a vital
  • Business lunch
  • Unlimited mineral water with lunch
  • Suitable conference room for the group size booked
  • Standard in-house technology
  • Unlimited conference drinks, mineral water and apple juice in the conference room

Conference package for EUR 69.00

With dinner (4-course menu) for EUR 99.50

  • 2 coffee breaks with snacks, fruit, and Vital
  • Welcome coffee with pretzels, quark, and fruit from the region
  • Business lunch
  • Suitable conference room for the group size booked
  • Standard in-house technology
  • Mineral water and a soft drink for lunch
  • Unlimited mineral water and apple juice in the conference room

Hoeri’s added value for conferences:

  • Tea bar with wellness teas
  • Fresh Hoeri fruit
  • Competent conference support during breaks
  • Candy corner
  • Vitamins, minerals, protein, fitness drink
  • Coffee, various different coffee specialties
  • Umbrellas, sunglasses, sunhats, sun cream, and “Autan “
  • Dried fruit, trail mix
  • Lactose and gluten-free products such as milk, yogurt, etc.
Season A
October to March
Season B
April to September
Land side comfort €95 €110
Land side standard €84 €95
Lake side comfort €110 €135
Double occupancy supplement €45 €45

Small snacks …

  • Pretzel with butter for EUR 2.90
  • HOERI sandwiches for EUR 5.90 R
  • Seasonal fruit basket for EUR 3.80
  • Cake for EUR 3.00
  • Mini Danish for EUR 1.90
  • Baked bread with hearty topping for EUR 3.80

…and on the evening after the conference:

  • Chef Jörg Hentzgen shops daily for fine delicacies from the region to create gourmet meals. You can choose between different appetizers, main courses, and desserts from EUR 28.00.
  • Quick dinner – when you need to be fast: 2-course meal with salad in advance and main course to choose from (fish, meat, vegetarian) from EUR 20.00.
  • Grill buffet – from the simple barbecue buffet, to the classic American barbecue, to the exclusive deluxe grill – enjoy the variety at Hoeri from EUR 32.00.
  • Convivial dining – what could be nicer than a cozy fondue evening? Enjoy our suggestions from more than 10 different fondues. We offer the right thing for every taste and every preference from EUR 34.00.
  • Communication catalyst walking dinner – our service team offers numerous taste experiences in small portions, you can simply choose what you feel like from our offering and enjoy the food at bar tables or even without a table from EUR 42.00.


The rates mentioned can only be booked in connection with a conference at the Hoeri Hotel. They apply per person for one night in a single room and can be applied to groups of over 10 people.

Conferences | Comprehensive Service

What does service at conferences mean to you?
At the Hoeri Hotel, as personal conference planners, we know how to anticipate your wishes and ensure that your conference goes smoothly.
Concentrate on your conference, symposium, or workshop – so that you can achieve the results you want from your conferences.
Your personal conference assistant will do the rest.

As a reliable conference planner with many years of experience, he knows what’s important when it comes to conferences and events of this kind.
He will be discreetly in the background acting as your friendly and knowledgeable right-hand man in organizing the conference in advance, as well as being your practical assistant for operational implementation during the conference.
That’s what service means at the Hoeri Hotel.

The most modern conference technology will be available to you in our conference rooms.
Each room can be individually equipped with a projector, flip chart, event case, writing pads, pens, pencils, felt pens, etc.
We have everything you need, just let us know.

Conferences | Equipment technology

95 cm TV €50 / day
Film projector Can be ordered through us
Flip chart €20 / day
Flip chart pens €3 each
Laptop €60 / day
Laser pointer €20 / day
Wireless microphone system €130 / day
Overhead pins €3 each
Pin board €10 each
Lectern Free of charge
Simultaneous equipment Can be ordered through us
Smart board (interactive white board €110 / day
Tel. Fee based on internal tariff
Fax Fee based on internal tariff
Tape recorder Can be ordered through us
Technician €80 / hour
VHS video recorder €50 / day
Video camera €150 / day
Room division €2 / room
Secretary service €100 / hour
Wireless LAN Charged by time spent online

The framework program for successful conferences

Do you want to make your conference something special? Then you’ve found the right place!

The Hoeri Hotel offers events, culture, and sports, and guarantees an unforgettable experience for your conferences. At our conference hotel on Lake Constance, we offer many unique options for an exclusive framework program. From cozy to sporty, from exciting to team-based. Our conference hotel on the lake brings together flavor, adventure, motivation, and identification – a formula for the maximum success of your conferences.

Bootfahren auf dem Bodensee

Active on Lake Constance

During your walk you will have a break with refreshing drinks and snacks. Walk around the Hoeri Hotel and enjoy a relaxing stroll by the lake for an hour. You will see: The natural surroundings of Lake Constance are always impressive. This is ensured by the unique fauna and flora and of course the group of people you are with. During your walk you will have a break with refreshing drinks and snacks


  • Price: € 18,- per person
  • Minimum booking: 15 people
  • Lake Constance is known for its well-developed cycle paths. Take a bike ride through the woods on Lake Constance with our hotel-owned bikes. Bicycles and road maps are provided. On request, a professional guide can accompany you (price upon request).
  • Time: subject to availability €8.00 per day
  • Adventure country activity with e.a.s.i team training
  • Still looking for a special highlight? Our partners at e.a.s.i. training are available for EVERYTHING. Ask us about more ideas.
  • 2 or 3 person team canoe (up to 10 people) or single canoes
  • After work canoe Olympics – the work day is over, time for a quick canoe trip with fun and games on the water! 1-2 hours accompanied on the lake with various games in and with the canoe.
  • Cultural and historical trip to Stein am Rhein: On this trip on the lake and its shore, you will find out a little about the history of the region.
  • Nighttime: Full moon on the lower part of the lake – Chinese lantern trip: Let yourself be enchanted on a night excursion over the lower part of the lake generally starts at approx. 9:45 PM

Guided tour from 10 persons:

Various materials (logs, boards, barrels, floats, ropes or straps) are used to build a raft. The team’s construction will determine whether the participants survive the maiden voyage with dry feet.

Do you want to get a taste of sailing on Lake Constance? A sailing day will give you the chance to do that. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you will learn the basics of sailing (no prior knowledge required).

landscape and culture around the hotel

Culture on Lake Constance

In 1991, a memorial was established in the former home of painter Otto Dix (1891-1969).
Even during his lifetime Otto Dix was already one of the most important artists in Germany.
In 1936 he moved to the lower part of Lake Constance and lived in Hemmenhofen on the Höri until his death in 1969.
Works, original documents and photographic material are used to introduce visitors to the museum to the painter’s life and work, as well as associated contemporary history.
Visit the Otto Dix house.
The house is now a cultural museum ( and was previously one of the artist’s most important places of work.
Afterwards you can enjoy an aperitif on the terrace of the house with a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Constance.

Hermann Hesse spent a lot of time on the Höri peninsula. Before the Hermann Hesse House became the Höri Museum, the half-timbered building was used as a town hall and later also as a school building – a good place for an educational institution. Before that time Hermann Hesse lived there. Today, the museum contains utensils and daily items belonging to the writer. Hesse spent a total of three years as a freelance writer in Gaienhofen. The house opened to the public for the first time at the end of 1993. Tours or individual visits are available:

Dining at the restaurant

Culinary enjoyment on Lake Constance

Grill for yourself on Lake Constance: Apart from the fact that nearly everyone likes grilled dishes, grilling is also fun. Because it is always a social and communicative experience. Loose informal conversation with juicy steaks, crispy vegetables, or golden brown grilled fish: who could say no to that. When you grill, you can be sure: it’ll taste great. The same goes for a barbecue at the Hoeri Hotel on Lake Constance. Each participant selects their favorite ingredients. The preparation is done by the guests themselves with apron and spatula on the hot, round, standing teppanyaki Spices, oils, and sauces are of course available. As a side dish we offer rice, noodles, or potatoes.

Our kitchen prepares wafer-thin slices of fish, various types of meat such as beef fillet, pork schnitzel or chicken fillet, and also shrimp. For vegetables, you can choose from onion rings, fine carrot slices, Chinese cabbage strips, spinach leaves, broccoli florets, bamboo strips, or soy sprouts, for example. Grilling at the Hoeri Hotel on Lake Constance is deluxe grilling!


  • €32.00 per person (or surcharge to conference fee €8.00 per person)
  • Minimum booking: 10 people

Ship Ahoy!

Take this opportunity to let Lake Constance wind blow away the cobwebs over lunch or dinner. Depending on the time, the boat excursion on the MS Seestern heads either toward Reichenau Island or to the picturesque town of Stein am Rhein.


For a dinner in a rustic, casual, and informal atmosphere, a grill evening, whether it be American or regional style, is just right – whether on the lakeside terrace or in the Hoeri tavern. A grill evening will provide your team with culinary relaxation after an intense day of work. Grill evenings like this suit practically anyone. You could use it as a team building exercise, for example. Preparing the ingredients actively and individually is great fun. And fun provides motivation. The result: Do it yourself, prepare it yourself, and grill it yourself – it tastes twice as good! And employees enjoy an experience that is great for your team and company.


  • Price: €32.00 per person (or surcharge to conference fee: €8.00 per person)
  • Minimum booking: 15 people

Enjoy a sociable get-together and delicious fondue specialties during a fondue evening at the Hoeri Hotel. The perfect setting for this is the cozy tavern. The design here involves lots of wood, a piano, and rustic tables to make you feel right at home. A fondue is waiting for you with everything that goes with it. All you need to bring: A good appetite and high spirits. The fondue and our service staff will take care of the rest.

The fondue evening will include:

  • Appetizer arrangement with terrine, soup, salad, and mousse
  • Chinese fondue with different kinds of meat
  • Vegetables, mixed pickles, baguettes and other breads
  • Sauces and dips


  • €32.00 per person (or surcharge to conference fee €10.00 per person)
  • Minimum booking: 15 people

You can do this with our Mediterranean snack or with a Mediterranean Vesper. Both offer a varied selection of antipasti, a selection of ham, salami and cheese, various olives, grilled vegetables, dried tomatoes, artichokes, frutti di mare, caprese, and vitello tonnato. Vesper and snack offer the entire range of Mediterranean tastes. However, enjoying Mediterranean also means choosing from different types of bread and bread rolls, or different creations that, for example, combine bread and vegetables in a sophisticated way. Such as our bruschetta, which is made from fresh ciabatta bread, fruity tomatoes and intense spices and regularly causes true excitement among our guests at the Hoeri.


  • €24.00 per person or surcharge to conference fee