FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book at Hotel HOERI on Lake Constance?

Book directly through our website www.hoeri-am-bodensee.de. In addition, our reservation centre is available by phone: +49 (7735) 8110. You can also reach us by e-mail: info@hoeri-am-bodensee.de. As soon as you have booked you will receive a booking confirmation.


What happens, if no one reacts to my booking? What can I do?

That does not happen as a rule. But, in the unlikely way that it happens, we would like to apologize first of all. In this rare situation, it is recommended to call the hotel (at +49 (7735) 8110). Describe the matter to the staff, who will deal with the matter immediately.


Can I look on the Lake Constance from any room?

From lakeside rooms, it has to be yes. Rooms with a view to the island (landside) look out over the höri peninsula. You have no view on the lake from there.


Which room categories does Hotel HOERI have?

The Hotel HOERI has a total of three different room categories. We offer budget rooms, rooms sea or land side and suites. The prices vary according to the location in the house (island view, lake view) and according to season.


Does the hotel have W-LAN?

Yes, we do. Please ask our reception for the access data.


Are there any special arrival / departure days? Every Saturday, for example?
No, there are not. You can book and plan your stay at Hotel HOERI individually. In addition, there is no minimum stay required which the guests have to fulfil. At Hotel HOERI you can stay as short or a long as you want.


Does Hotel HOERI belong to a chain of hotels?

No, it does not. Hotel HOERI is a standalone type of hotel right at the shores of Lake Constance an is run by the owners. The owners Angelika and Siegfried Schaffer have been looking after the hotel business since 2006.


Is Hotel HOERI in a quiet location?

Yes, it definitely is. Hotel HOERI is located in Gaienhofen – a tranquil village. Our location directly on Lake Constance is very quiet.


How can I pay at Hotel HOERI? Cash, EC card, VISA, Mastercard, American Express?

Of course, you can pay cash at Hotel HOERI. Aditionally, we accept all standard credit cards. Thus, payment by VISA, Mastercard or American Express is no problem. And naturally you can also pay with a normal EC card.


Are pets allowed in your hotel?

Yes, they are. For dogs a fee of EUR 15.00 per day is charged, for example. Further rates upon request. Please inform us in time, if you want to bring along your pet.


Up to when can I cancel my booking free of charge?

Up to a fortnight before the booked stay free of charge, given that the hotel room can be let otherwise.
Up to eight days before the booked stay 50 per cent of the booked services.
Up to three days before the booked stay 80 per cent of the booked services.
As from the third day before the booked stay 100 per cent of the booked services.


As from when are the rooms ready?

Booked rooms are ready on the day of arrival as from 3:00 pm.


By when do I have to clear my room?

On the day of departure, we ask guests to vacate their rooms by 11:00 am.


What is the car park situation? Do you have any car parks?

Yes, we have. In front of the hotel and on the opposite side of the street there are several car parts. Additional car parks upon request.


Does Hotel HOERI have a wellness and spa area?

Yes, it does. The SEE SPA. Extensive applications and treatments are waiting for the guests. Offers upon request. Look at your website at “Wellness hotel & Spa” providing further details and arrangements on the subject.


Can hotel guests use the spa free of charge?

Yes, as a hotel guest you receive free admission to our SEE SPA from 3 pm on the day of arrival and until 11 am on the day of departure.


What does “spa” mean actually?

Spa is an acronym – an abbreviation – and consists of the Latin words “Sanus per Aquam”, meaning as much as “Health through Water”. Today modern and well managed hotels cannot be imagined without a spa any more. Hotel HOERI has a spa as well: the Babor Spa. Expert beauticians spoil the guests with different applications and treatments. Hotel HOERI at Lake Constance is also a wellness hotel which has a spacious aquatic landscape with a panorama swimming pool. In addition, there is a large sauna and steam bath. The wellness area is supplemented with a fitness section which is directly next to the swimming pool.


Where exactly is Hotel HOERI located?

Under “Gettin there” you will find all details. Hotel HOERI is located in Gaienhofen on Höri peninsula. As one of the very few hotels in the Lake Constance region, it is located directly at the shore of Lake Constance, which means that the guests have direct access to lake from the hotel. At the tip of Höri peninsula, in Horn, the peninsula divides the lake in two – the smaller western part of Lake Constance and the upper half, which is dominated by the Reichenau peninsula. Similar to the isle of Mainau, there is a lot of fruit and vegetable cultivation on the larger Reichenau. Hotel HOERI obtains its fruit and vegetables from there and is proud of the excellent quality of the bio food from the Lake Constance region. The lower part of the western part of the lake, the so-called Zeller Lake, looks a bit like a river, but nonetheless belong to Lake Constance. Here the Rhine flows into Lake Constance as Seerhein. Later as Oberrhein it makes its way to the North Sea.


What do the surroundings of Hotel HOERI look like?

There are many larger villages on Höri peninsula: Gaienhofen, Hemmenhofen, Wangen and Öhningen. Höri peninsula is about 45 square kilometres in size. Contrary to the large lake, the landscape here on the western part – the smaller part – of Lake Constance is largely left natural. Hikes and bicycle rides provide variety. Höri peninsula is frequently referred to as “artist corner”. There is a reason for that. Among others, Otto Dix and Herrmann Hess lived in Gaienhofen or rather Hemmenhofen, and use the idyll as a refuge and source of inspiration. Their houses can be visited. For more information, please refer to our website at “Experiencing Lake Constance” und “Discovering Lake Constance“.


What can I do outside of the Hotel HOERI?

First of all Hotel HOERI itself has a lot to offer. Swimming area, swimming, sauna, wellness, fitness, lawn for sunbathing and: Hotel HOERI is located directly at Lake Constance and ensures fantastic prospects for varied recreational activities. Hotel HOERI has its own jetty and is a stop of the “White Fleet” of Bodenseeschifffahrt BSB. From Höri peninsula you can take the regular boats to Konstanz and can visit the largest town on Lake Constance. In addition, Hotel HOERI is the perfect starting point for many other excursions. Take a look at our section on Lake Constance. You will find an Event calendar and many tips on culture, sports, recreation and sights.


Does Hotel HOERI also offer conferences?

Yes, it does. Hotel HOERI is a conference hotel as well. The section “Conference hotel” provides all the information needed for conferences. Get in touch with us personally.


I am vegetarian. Do you also offer vegetarian dishes at Hotel HOERI?

No worries: Seensucht Restaurant of Hotel HOERI offers various vegetarian dishes on the menu every day. When booking, please indicate that you are a vegetarian so our kitchen is well prepared.


Does Hotel HOERI have rooms for allergy sufferers?

Lake Constance is best for allergy sufferers. The lake climate and the moisty lake air is a big ease for allergy sufferer. For this reason, Hotel HOERI does not offer any rooms explicitly fitted for allergy sufferer.


I am suffering from a lactose / gluten intolerance. Is Hotel HOERI prepared for such cases?

The same applies here as well: You do not have to worry. If intolerances (lactose, gluten, et cetera) has been diagnosed, you should indicate this fact while booking or latest when checking-in. We will prepare a very personal menu for you.


I am a smoker. Does Hotel HOERI offer corresponding seat for smokers?

Yes, it does. Smoking is permitted on the lakeside terrace. Inside the hotel smoking is not permitted. Please do not smoke in the rooms either. Hotel HOERI is a non-smoking hotel.


How was Lake Constance created actually?

Lake Constance – as we know it today – was created after the alpine chain, which started developing about 65 million years ago. It took equally long to shape the Alps as we know them today. The development of Lake Constance was directly affected by the evolution of the Alps. Extreme volcanism changed the landscape permanently. Between the Alpine belt and the Swabian Alb a basin developed which was sometimes smaller and sometimes bigger. At some time it was a lake, and sometimes it was part of the Mediterranean Sea. Relicts of volcanism can be seen in Hegau. One of the best known volcano is Hohentwil near Singen. The ice age during the Würm period formed a glacier which left the Rhine valley as a lake – the forerunner of Lake Constance today.


How is the water quality of Lake Constance actually?

Lake Constance is Baden-Wuerttemberg’s and Europe’s largest drinking water reservoir. The water quality is classified as clean by official authorities. Extensive measures ensure a high water quality and strengthen the self-cleaning powers of the lake. The water is monitored by the Health Board of the Lake Constance District. The authority takes water sample regularly and checks the current water quality of the lake. Testing processes are carried out along corresponding the EU guidelines.


Where can I get information on holidays on Lake Constance?

The Tourist Information Office of Lake Constance can be reached at: www.fremdenverkehrsbuero.info/regionen/bodensee.html
As a guest of Hotel HOERI you will get valuable tips and information . Call us or send us an e-mail.


When is the best season for Lake Constance? 

Basically Lake Constance can be travelled all year round. Nonetheless, the guests prefer the summer for travelling to Lake Constance.
From spring to autumn there is a mild central European climate. Spring is very popular among holiday-makers when the trees start blossoming. The summer months are the high season at Lake Constance. The bathers determine the scene at the lake at that time. The wine fans in turn go for the autumn, when the wine is harvested in the Lake Constance region. Hotel HOERI provides attractive arrangements which invite you to experience the fascination of Lake Constance.


How big are the beds in Hotel HOERI?

We have different bed sizes: 1.80 m x 2 m to 1.80 m x 2.10 m in the double rooms and 1 m x 2 m in the single rooms. Please contact us if you have any special requests.


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