Our service at Hotel HOERI on Lake Constance

Good service is our top priority: We don’t want you to be wanting for anything during your wonderful holiday. You should remember holiday at Lake Constance and your stay in Hotel HOERI for a long time: As a wonderful long-term memory. You should feel good in our hotel, and as a guest, HOERI on Lake Constance should be your holiday home. Enjoyment and ease – this spirit will surround you in Hotel Hoeri through our first-class service. That is our wish, and we are available to you in the service department day in and day out.

Your contacts are:

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Angelika Schaffer

Events / Event arrangements / Parties and Weddings
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Siegfried Schaffer

Human Resources and Recruiting
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Daniela Straub

Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Michelle Götz 

Executive assistant F&B
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Florian Riech

Executive assistant logis
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Daniela Moser

Senior housekeeper
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Staff at Hotel HOERI

Tamara Fink

Spa Manager
Telephone +49 77 35 / 81 10

Sustainability in Hotel HOERI

To us, sustainability means actively taking responsibility for the region around Lake Constance. Because the idyllic Lake Constance, our home and one of the most unique landscapes in the region are close to HOERI’s heart. We want to preserve this wonderful nature for the following generations and to make the Lake Constance region livable and lovable for guests and natives. But sustainability is not limited to protecting nature. We also want to support and promote the typical Lake Constance culture, the crafts and the regional creations.
Sustainable business – that is the goal in Hotel HOERI.


Cultural events around Lake Constance

Many guests and Lake Constance residents love the unique experiences HOERI has to offer. This includes many performances, themed evenings and concerts.


Art around Lake Constance

Regional artists also have a place in Hotel HOERI: With free and public exhibitions, we support the local art scene and contribute to the variety of art in the region, which we want to preserve, support and protect in the spirit of Otto Dix and Herrmann Hesse. A legacy that we want to preserve, support and protect in the spirit of Otto Dix and Herrmann Hesse. The HOERI as an “artist shop”, that’s tradition! Contemporary artists such as Erich Hellmuth, Gitta-Marquardt-Baladurage, Gina Garen or Karin Eißler exhibit their works at HOERI on Lake Constance.


Regional training location

An additional pillar of our sustainable dedication is promoting young talent. We continually offer six to seven young people training positions in our Hotel HOERI. Our experienced trainers and dedicated trainees make sure that we will offer you the best service in the Lake Constance hotel in the future.


Careful handling of the environment

Naturally we are dedicated to the maintenance of our wonderful natural surroundings at Hotel HOERI, and of the entirety of Lake Constance.
Conscientious waste separation, sufficient waste containers on our property, water-saving dishwashers and careful use of power our only a part of our sustainability strategies.

We even perform environmentally protective measures directly in our Hotel HOERI:
In 2010 our swimming pool got a brand-new heat exchanger, which heats the swimming pool via interim saved energy from our buffer storage unit and ensures low energy loss. We also select our partners based on the foundation of sustainability: such as our laundry partner Hugenschmidt-Ruck in Singen: both for the transport and washing are performed to be gentle on the environment. The vicinity of the Ruck branch in Singen was an important selection criterion, so that transport to far-away Freiburg could be avoided.


Holiday in Hotel HOERI = a holiday with a good conscience

Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Lake Constance and the HOERI peninsula, without having a guilty conscience.

We look forward to your visit!

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